Keep your mobile data usage in check!

Avoid unexpected data costs by keeping track of your data usage with Data Status!

Data Status keeps track of your mobile data usage.

It shows a LIVE updating icon in your notification dock so you can always monitor your Data Status!

Just like a battery icon , you can always monitor your Data Status and avoid costly excess data charges!

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It Just Works.

1. Download

Click the link below to download to your Android device

2. Setup

To setup Data Status is easy!

There are guides in the app, or check out our Video or Help


3. Live Updating

Once setup, Data Status will live update its notification so you can keep an eye on your data usage!



4. Be informed!

Compare your daily usage, and see lots more information on how you use data.


What Ive been looking for!

I always seem to go over my data limit because I never know how much data Ive used. My provider only sends me a txt when I've used 50% and 75%. Its not good enough!
Now I have Data Status I've never gone over my limit. I've saved $10 per month on excess usage charged. Thanks!

Carla | Marketing

Must have app for my daughter!

It seems that all my twins do is sit about using Facebook , Twitter and god knows what else.

They kept going over her data limit and I end up footing the bill. The excuse was that they didnt know how much data they was using.

Now we dont have that problem and since installing Data Status, they hasnt exceeded her data limit once.

Defiantly worth the $1!

Chris H | Father of twins

Saves me a fortune in data costs

I installed Data Status after a friend of mine refereed me, as I was prone to going over my Data limit.

Seeing my data usage live in my notification dock has been a godsend.

Thanks heaps!

Doug | IT consultant

Everyone with a phone should use this!

If you use mobile data on your phone, this app is a must have!

Sarah | Fashion Sales

Saves me every month

I travel a lot and my excess data bills can bankrupt a small country. Not anymore. Thanks!

Paul | Blogger

Get Data Status

Its free to try and is so simple to use! You'll wonder how you used your mobile without it.

Data Status

Data Status


A brilliantly simple app. Ingenious features

✰ Auto updating icon in your dock. Never exceed your data limits again!

✰ Daily usage graph - Shows how much data you used on a particular day. Compare against other days

✰ Data period total graph

✰ Data usage prediction (Predicts the date when you'll consume your data)

✰ Easy to use HELP!

✰ +Lots more


Keep up to date!

All new Data Status!

All new Data Status!

After a month of intensive developement, Data Status has be totally overhauled. Instead of the single screen with popups, Data Status now brings multiple screen that you can swipe to. Screen #1  – Snapshot The SnapShot Screen gives shows your data in a snap. In one screen you can see how much data you have(…)

Phone Arenas BEST of December 2014!

Thanks to the great guys over @ Phone Areana, Data Status was named one of their best apps for 2014! Read the article here! http://www.phonearena.com/news/Best-new-Android-iPhone-and-Windows-Phone-apps-of-December-2014_id64284

Data Status updated!

Data Status updated!

Thanks to many of your great suggestions, we have now built and upgraded Data Status to version 4.1. But whats included?? Data Status can now be configured for a custom data period! You can now use data status for a Calendar month, 4 weeks, 30 days, 10 days, whatever you need! This function (as far(…)

Data Status #11 on Top new Tools!

Data Status #11 on Top new Tools!

Thanks for everyone for your support. Data Status has climbed to #11 on the Google Play rankings for top new Tools.   You can get Data Status here!   Thanks for all your support!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I LOVE Data Status. Can I help?

Thanks! Your support really means a lot to us.
Please help by buying the paid lifetime license (Only $1) or buy us a coffee! To buy us a coffee select the drop down menu from the top right of the app.
Coffee keeps us developing well into the night!

What if I start using Data Status mid month?

Data Stats will allow you to add an adjustment to a particular period. If you start using Data Status during a current billing period, simply add the current used data amount in the “Current Usage” panel on the main screen.

Additional help can be found HERE .

How does it work?

Data Status hooks into the network layer of Android . It then monitors your data usage, and compares it against the limits you set, and the date in which your data expires. It then updates the live notification icon so you can always be informed on how your data usage is going! Watch our video HERE

Is Data Status Free?

Data Status is free to use for the first month after you download it.

After a month you will be asked to continue using Data Status for $1 (varies on country)

Or you can continue to use Data Status for free with limited functionality & ads.

If Data Status helps you manage your mobile data, its well worth the $1!

Does Data Status Track uploads and downloads?

Yes Both. This is the method the Android operating system uses to track your usage and all of the phone companies we tested with.

Are you guys on Facebook?

YES! Please like and share us , we really appreciate your support!
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